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Are You Suffering with Joint Discomfort?

skeleton-of-man-1Learn How To Improve Mobility And Relieve Pain

How many miles have you put on your joints? Ten thousand miles… twenty thousand miles… perhaps even a hundred thousand miles?

Every movement your body makes puts pressure on your joints. Over time this wear and tear can lead to discomfort and sometimes more serious mobility issues.

Your joints age over time. And like the engine in your car, joints need regular maintenance when they hit “high mileage”. The correct nutrition can help insure that your joints perform at their best.

Millions of Americans suffer with problematic joints

Joint care has become the largest condition-specific category in the vitamin market. This means vitamin companies have invested vast amounts of money into clinical studies and ingredient research.

But for all these investments, the actual findings have been very limited. While new joint ingredients hit the market occasionally, many people look on the shelves, and all they find is Glucosamine… Glucosamine… Glucosamine…

Glucosamine remains a staple of joint care products for good reason. It’s a safe, effective, and easy way to support your joints. Numerous clinical studies prove the effectiveness of Glucosamine and for millions of Americans it provides a cheap way to care and relieve joint discomfort.

Instaflex was designed from the start to be a powerful, all-encompassing joint solution. The proprietary compound includes ingredients that we know work, such as Glucosamine, with powerful new ingredients such as Boswellia extract and Turmeric.

The single once-daily dosage helps:

  • Relieve and comfort your joints
  • Improve mobility and increase flexibility
  • Lubricate for healthy fluid movement
  • Protect and enhance your mobility

Plus Instaflex is only one of ten companies to be a national sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation. The rigorous commitment helps the Arthritis Foundation serve over 50 million Americans with Arthritis by supporting research, advocacy, and community-based programs.

There are lots of cheap joint products on the market but very few premium joint brands. Many joint companies nickel and dime you. They keep throwing out different versions of the same low-grade product. So it’s understandable that joint companies were skeptical when Instaflex launched a single high-end joint product. They didn’t believe people would buy a first-class joint product.

Instaflex proved them wrong. When GNC stores, the nation’s largest specialty vitamin retailer, secured the exclusive retail rights to Instaflex’s US launch in the summer of 2010, Instaflex had never sold a bottle in stores. In less than ten months, Instaflex became the number one selling joint product in GNC stores nationwide. Now in 2013, Instaflex continues to outsell not just every third-party joint product, but even GNC’s own house brands. Over a million bottles of Instaflex have been sold globally.

The proprietary Instaflex compound includes proven joint ingredients such as Glucosamine Root, but it’s the fast-acting White Willow Bark Extract, Turmeric, Hyaluronic Acid, and Boswellia Serrata Extract that provide the biggest kick. Instaflex’s compound comes in three pills that are taken once daily in the mornings or evenings. Instaflex works to comfort, relieve, and support your joint function. Take Instaflex to relieve your joints now, then long-term to support your joint function.

Now three years after its launch, Instaflex is still the number one selling joint product in US GNC stores. Last year Instaflex became available around the world from Canada to Turkey. Instaflex is the top selling joint support product in Canadian GNC stores.

Samples are available online to try right now. The samples arrive just a few days after ordering and include a full 14-day supply.

If you’re suffering with joint discomfort, then try Instaflex today, and feel the benefits in person. You can claim a sample of Instaflex right now click here to see if you qualify


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